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Welcome to Farouche Salon!

Located in the heart of downtown Redmond for over 40 years, Farouche Salon has established itself as not simply a successful business, but a tight-knit network of stylists, educators, customer service professionals, and loyal clients.

At Farouche, we know you have a plethora of options to address your hair and beauty needs, and that’s why we center our business on what we know you value most: a talented, highly educated, and knowledgeable staff with an unwavering commitment to your satisfaction.

With a wide range of services and a dynamic team of expert stylists, chemical technicians, and estheticians, we’re eager to show you why so many of our clients continued to come to Farouche for over four decades.

In an industry as exciting and ever-evolving as ours, it’s easy to get swept away by gimmicks and fads; let us show you why our expertise, customer service, and genuine kindness have stood the test of time.