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Farouchie since: 1997

Hometown: Snohomish

Mantra: “Be your best you!”

Favorite styling tip: Cocktail, cocktail, cocktail! Styling products that is. Most products perform better when cocktailed.  Try mixing a heat protection cream & smoothing cream! You will love the results.

Can’t live without: Chocolate!


With incomparable customer service and an upbeat personality that never quits, our stylist Ava has been making a name for herself in the hair industry for nearly 20 years. Ava’s positivity is carried over to her clients, for whom she is always accentuating the best features of their hair, face, and personal style.  Ava’s dedication to education has taken her to classes and hair shows in New York, Los Angeles, and abroad. When she is not working with clients, Ava directs her infectious energy and enthusiasm towards perfecting Farouche’s distinctive atmosphere and distinguished customer service. Ava works hard to create high quality, consistent results for her clients and her favorite moments are when clients share with her that they have received compliments on their hair.