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Farouchie since: 2001

Hometown: Moses Lake, WA

Mantra: “Live only for the moment. Right now is all that really matters.”

Favorite styling tip: Volume is based on contrast; the less volume in one area, the more volume in the others.

Can’t live without: The great outdoors, it clears my lungs and mind, and renews my whole outlook on life.


Seasoned since 1997 and educator for some of the top companies in the industry, Joelle brings experience, flavor, and expertise. In other words – she can help you with your hair.  Joelle is an outstanding stylist, haircutter, innovative color expert, and extension queen. She really loves what she does and it shows.  Her strength is to work with you and your hair to create a look that is truly built for your lifestyle and is a look that you love.  Joelle prides herself in teaching you how to recreate your new style at home with tricks, techniques and the perfect products for you.

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