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Farouchie since: 1999

Hometown: Redmond, WA

Mantra: “Toughen up buttercup”.

Favorite styling tip: It depends on the hair.. Ask me about yours.

Can’t live without: My family and Cross Fit.


Kacie has been with Farouche Salon since 1999, gaining a reputation as a highly-skilled professional and developing a wide-ranging and loyal clientele. Kacie makes an effort to learn more about her industry at every opportunity; this talent and drive have led  her to hair shows and educational experiences throughout the U.S., including New York City.  Kacie genuinely enjoys her career, which allows her to be creative and to use her art to positively impact people’s lives. She feels grateful to be a part of Farouche’s fun, family atmosphere and to work with the amazing clients she has acquired over the years. On top of being an accomplished hairstylist, Kacie is a Northwest native and the proud and loving wife and mother of three kids.